Standards of Identity for Dairy Products

This page contains the Standards of Identity for Milk and Cream, Cheese and Related Cheese Products, and Frozen Desserts that are listed in the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Standards of identity are legal definitions of food products. The standards can be accessed on the internet by clicking on the links below.

Part 131 – Milk and Cream

131.3 Definitions

131.25 Whipped cream products containing flavoring or sweetening

131.110 Milk

131.111 Acidified milk

131.112 Cultured milk

131.115 Concentrated milk

131.120 Sweetened condensed milk

131.125 Nonfat dry milk

131.127 Nonfat dry milk fortified with vitamins A and D

131.130 Evaporated milk

131.147 Dry whole milk

131.149 Dry cream

131.150 Heavy cream

131.155 Light cream

131.157 Light whipping cream

131.160 Sour cream

131.162 Acidified sour cream

131.170 Eggnog

131.180 Half-and-half

131.200 Yogurt

131.203 Lowfat yogurt

131.206 Nonfat yogurt

Part 133 – Cheeses and Related Cheese Products

133.3 Definitions

133.5 Methods of analysis

133.10 Notice to manufacturers, packers, and distributors of pasteurized blended cheese, pasteurized process cheese, cheese food, cheese spread, and related foods

133.102 Asiago fresh and asiago soft cheese

133.103 Asiago medium cheese

133.104 Asiago old cheese

133.106 Blue cheese

133.108 Brick cheese

133.109 Brick cheese for manufacturing

133.111 Caciocavallo siciliano cheese

133.113 Cheddar cheese

133.114 Cheddar cheese for manufacturing

133.116 Low sodium cheddar cheese

133.118 Colby cheese

133.119 Colby cheese for manufacturing

133.121 Low sodium colby cheese

131.123 Cold-pack and club cheese

133.124 Cold-pack cheese food

133.125 Cold-pack cheese food with fruits, vegetables, or meats

133.127 Cook cheese, kock kaese

133.128 Cottage cheese

133.129 Dry curd cottage cheese

133.133 Cream cheese

133.134 Cream cheese with other foods

133.136 Washed curd and soaked curd cheese

133.137 Washed curd cheese for manufacturing

133.138 Edam cheese

133.140 Gammelost cheese

133.141 Gorgonzola cheese

133.142 Gouda cheese

133.144 Granular and stirred curd cheese

133.145 Granular cheese for manufacturing

133.146 Grated cheeses

133.147 Grated American cheese food

133.148 Hard grating cheeses

133.149 Gruyere cheese

133.150 Hard cheeses

133.152 Limburger cheese

133.153 Monterey cheese and monterey jack cheese

133.154 High-moisture jack cheese

133.155 Mozzarella cheese and scamorza cheese

133.158 Low-moisture part-skim mozzarella and scamorza cheese

133.160 Muenster and munster cheese

133.161 Muenster and munster cheese for manufacturing

133.162 Neufchatel cheese

133.164 Nuworld cheese

133.165 Parmesan and reggiano cheese

133.167 Pasteurized blended cheese

133.168 Pasteurized blended cheese with fruits, vegetables, or meats

133.169 Pasteurized process cheese

133.170 Pasteurized process cheese with fruits, vegetables, or meats

133.171 Pasteurized process pimento cheese

133.173 Pasteurized process cheese food

133.174 Pasteurized process cheese food with fruits, vegetables, or meats

133.175 Pasteurized cheese spread

133.176 Pasteurized cheese spread with fruits, vegetables, or meats

133.178 Pasteurized neufchatel cheese spread with other foods

133.179 Pasteurized process cheese spread

133.180 Pasteurized process cheese spread with fruits, vegetables, or meats

133.181 Provolone cheese

133.182 Soft ripened cheese

133.183 Romano cheese

133.184 Roquefort cheese, sheep's milk blue-mold, and blue-mold cheese from sheep's milk

133.185 Samsoe cheese

133.186 Sap sago cheese

133.187 Semisoft cheeses

133.188 Semisoft part-skim cheeses

133.189 Skim milk cheese for manufacturing

133.190 Spiced cheeses

133.191 Part-skim spiced cheeses

133.193 Spiced, flavored standardized cheeses

133.195 Swiss and emmentaler cheese

133.196 Swiss cheese for manufacturing

Part 135 – Frozen Desserts

135.3 Definitions

135.110 Ice cream and frozen custard

135.115 Goat's milk ice cream

135.130 Mellorine

135.140 Sherbet

135.160 Water ices