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For up-to-date information COVID-19 for both consumers and industry, visit this comprehensive page assembled by our multi-faceted extension team at Cornell University.

To read about the current research on milk at Cornell University, you can access that information here.

National Dairy Research Centers

There are 6 National Dairy Reserch Centers scattered across the United States. To explore research that is occurring at the National Dairy Research Centers (UC-Davis), you can go to this link and click on each center to see their currrent research information.

Raw Milk Consumption Information

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued an informational release reminding consumers of the dangers of drinking unpasteurized milk.

The Cornell University Department of Food Science has issued a Position Statement on the consumption of raw milk products.

The FDA has also published a "frequently asked questions" page regarding raw milk.

The CDC also has a large volume of information on raw milk consumption here. They also have a raw milk Q&A page with pertinent information here. They have also compiled a list of recent outbreaks. They also have assembled a comprehensive page that provides legal and public health resources.


Updated 05/21/20